29 July 2016

Skin Brushing & Estate Sales

What is skin brushing?  Ok, so I heard this segment on the radio.  I know, I know... most of my stories start with "So I heard on NPR... "  Usually it's pretty good material.  Anyways,  I did hear this segment on the radio about dry skin brushing and I was all "whhaaaaat, why haven't I been doing this my whole life!?".  And now suddenly I have been brushing my child's skin and now she's going to think this a normal thing... like brushing her hair.  But, her lympathic system will probably be super healthy?  So, apparently according to Dr. Mercola (and Gwyneth Paltrow... I know, I die), skin brushing has these 7 key benefits.

1. Stimulate your lymphatic system
2. Exfoliation (Ok, we knew that)
3. Increase circulation (Sure, that makes sense)
4. Reduce Cellulite (Whatever, fine, maybe)
5. Stress relief (While drinking wine?  Ok)
6. Improve digestion and kidney function (Well, that seems important)
7. It's invigorating (YES!)

Read more here.  If you want.  Or just believe me and start brushing your body with one of those brown brushes that you buy to wash your back with but then you never use it and then you end up feeling guilty when you throw it away before a move... that one!

I also really like this scrub for the shower too.

So something else I wanted to talk about.  ESTATE SALES!!!  I first discovered them probably 5 years ago.  I'll never forgot.  I drove past this mansion with an estate sale sign and it was like this gravitational force made me walk in and explore.  I immediately bought a 3 foot santa with long hair and a huge shovel.  We still own and use the shovel but I forgot to load the santa into my car so he is out there somewhere and I think of him every Christmas. 

Anyways, now I'm obsessed!  I'm on the email list for every local estate sale company and I follow them all on the FB.  Often the owners are there watching you go through their entire home.  Or sometimes they're just "gone".  Today there was a particularly good sale.  There was this giant porcelain doll that I desperately wanted.  Unfortunately, not only was it going for $240 but I had to work and couldn't make it by the sale.  By the time I had a conference call that I could be on while running to the sale, the doll was.... GONE!  She sold on 1/2 off day.  Oh the possibilities.  Hey, doll, where are you now?  What purpose are you serving?  Who came and bought you?  Why?  Are you going to ride around in their car?  I thought about putting you in my bed and nudging my husband.  I also imagined putting you in my window when I went on vacation.  Or putting you in my drivers seat when I wanted to leave my purse in the car.  Or letting Bo cuddle you while I was at work.  Oh well.  Another one that got away...