02 November 2016

How does Ebates work? Ebates Schmebates - so worth it

Do you shop online? 

Do you like to save money?


I'm obsessed with Ebates and I want to encourage you to sign up!

When you sign up, you get a $10 gift card bonus after making your first $25 purchase!

How does Ebates work?

The site is free and super easy to use.

1.  Are you ready to buy something online?  DON'T CHECK OUT YET!
2.  Go to Ebates first
3.  Search for your store on Ebates.
4.  Click "Shop Now"
5.  Ebates will direct you back to your site
6.  Proceed to checkout and get cash back!
7.  Your % cash back will accumulate in your Ebates account and you will be mailed a check quarterly.

How does Ebates make money?

Ebates is an affiliate to the companies giving cash back.  What does that mean?  The companies you're buying from online pay Ebates every time a purchase is made after clicking through eBates.  Ebates then shares the profits with you. 

Learn more here...

Because pictures are more effective than words... here is what the Ebates experience looks like.

1.  Pick out your items to buy online (for instance, Nordstrom).

2.  DON'T CHECK OUT YET!  Go to Ebates.com and search for your store.

3.  Click SHOP NOW

4.  Let the magic happen

5.  Now, you are redirected back to Nordstrom and you get 6% back on your $55 pair of shoes. 

... That's $3 plus some change added to your next Ebates check just for a couple of clicks.  Year!  Now, if you do this for a big purchase, imagine how much you could save.  For instance, when we put cabinets in our laundry room we purchased them on Lowes.com and requested in store pick up.  Because we went to Ebates first, we got cash back!  You can use any credit card you want, so you can still earn your local store rewards.

Here is an example of activity that led to a recent Ebates check.